Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I have no idea what has possessed him

For being such a crazy person my eating habits are anything but extreme. I am the kind of person that finds one thing she loves at a restuarant and orders that EVERY time. I will taste other people's food to see if I like something else but I am not about to just try something new when I know I like "blank" on the menu.

I had the same thing for lunch everyday of school growing up. Tawna and Ty would mix it up but Mom always knew what I wanted : a ham sandwich with mustard and pickles.

Recently I've fallen back in my school lunch mode. Every day for lunch Joshua and I eat a sandwich and chips and everytime I eat a ham sandwich with mustard and pickles. Now that I am grown I add some tomatoes or cheese if we have it.

Well, Joshua has grown weary of the sandwich I fix him everyday and honestly I think he has gone a little crazy. He started by insisiting on no mustard and toasting the sandwich. That doesn't sound so weird, right? Oh just you wait. Then he started eating peanut butter and jelly. Still pretty normal.

Last week he started mixing them all up and I just can't take his concoctions. One day it is turkey sandwich with honey and mustard, then it is turkey with peanut butter and honey. Then he found some coconut in the fridge and is beginning to add that to his sandwiches.

Is it just my simple pallette that thinks that is crazy or has my husband really lost his mind?


joshntiff said...

just wait, one of these days your palette is going to wake up and realize what it's been missing =)


Anonymous said...

Has he started smoking pot or is there any chance he's pregnant?

sam said...

josh: try turkey with raspberry jam and monterrey jack cheese. OR cream cheese, chives, cucumber and peppadew is another favorite.

to both of you: ham is gross. stop eating immediately.

sam said...

addendum: i made a grilled ham & lorraine sandwich last week that was pretty good. if you don't have a fancy panini press (i don't) you can use a smaller skillet to smash the sandwich in a larger one.

Stephanie said...

LOL - yes, is Josh pregnant? Yuck! Coconut on a sandwich? Or even worse, peanut butter and ham? Seriously, that's just rank.

Nathan said...

Josh(ua) is to be commended for continuing to eat any kind of sandwich. I took sandwiches in my lunch to work for just a couple of years, and now I can't hardly eat a sandwich at all, regardless of ingredients. What's really weird is that Tiffany has been happily eating the same sandwich for 20-plus years. That's amazing!