Monday, October 27, 2008

Picking Up the Slack

Just as I suspected. It is Monday and you still haven't gotten a post from Joshua. He did say he has been eating in an email I got and if I had to chose between eating and blogging, I choose eating.

Well Peru is much different than I expected this time. It is still dusty and they live in half finished homes but they have advanced leaps and bounds since I was here in college. Yesterday we went up into the hills where "squaters" have built homes. Before it was a completely destitute life but now they have electricty and they are digging plumbing up there.

Everyone on the team is well and working hard. I am day 2 into the video production lessons and I am loving teaching Ricardo and Daniel. Last night we served dinner and made it into a party with dancing and singing and silliness. I know the people weren't expecting to have so much fun at dinner but that is what our team is - FUN! The church asked for a picture of our team and this is what we wanted to give them.

Peru Team 2008

Hope you are all well and I'll see if I get another chance to post something.

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