Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Playing in the Dirt

Oakland-Red Hybrid Holly

We have plants! They arrived yesterday morning and I "dug" in immediately (pun intended) It was a long, hard day of digging holes, holes and more holes. It was rewarding though, like giving birth to a whole litter of plant babies.

Henry's Garnet Sweetspire

I'm most excited about the Sweetspires, they're a very interesting native plant. They have a lot going on and they change a lot over the year, ending the fall with a really intense red. Of the twenty-nine plants delivered yesterday I got twelve planted, so I've got another good two full days of just planting left and then the work on the new pathway and mulching. Fun stuff.

Sky Pencil

In a side note, Tiffany had a total geriatric moment yesterday. As you know if you've been reading she's been in a whirlwind with the premiere. Yesterday she literally had two phones going at the same time, one in each hand. At one point she was sitting at her desk and then rushed up to do something, but apparently her feet were kinda wrapped around her chair, and so she did a half take off / half nose dive straight into the ground. She layed their for a moment and I had this weird mix of empathy and laughter. Her first words "Oh, my hip"


sam said...

ha! i did that at work once and ended up with a cast on my ankle. safety first fykes! :)

joshntiff said...

a cast? thats crazy, i'd like to hear that story