Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dental Work

Yesterday I spent the day auditioning actors for a new series of Fuel. The first day of auditioning is really hard for me. You have to sit through quite a few people who should NOT be out there auditioning for acting jobs because they.are.terrible. I personally think it might be more beneficial for the person in the long run if I give them a little Simon and just stop them before they waste 5 minutes of my life and the thousands of dollars on headshots and acting lessons. However, the need to keep everyone happy makes me say "good job" and talk to them about something for 2 minutes so that they are in the room the same time as the person before them.

Luckily, this audition only had a handful of horrible people. Most of them were just average and that's not as hard to sit through. Sometimes at the end of these days I feel like I have been run over by a train due to constantly constraining myself from telling these people to get a new hobby. However, today I simply feel like I have stumped my toes 8 or 10 times.

On the upside, I was rewarded with at least one strange and fairly alarming moment from the day. This particular girl came from the agency that forgot to tell their clients to bring a monologue so we were awkwardly chatted while I came up with something for her read. She did a great job on the read and then before I could say anything she says that she doesn't have a lisp all the time.

(Please Note: This wasn't a bad lisp. It was very slight and gave her an endearing quality.)

She continued saying she had just came from the dentist and the top half of her mouth is numb. Then she fiddles with something and then out of nowhere one of her front two teeth protrudes 2 inches out of her mouth. I'm sure my eyes got huge because please, it is NOT common for people to start shooting dental work out of their mouth at auditions.

I didn't mind the lisp quite as much as I do mind the mental image I now have of her tooth just floating around outside her mouth on a stick. Seriously, I have no idea the mechanics of how it works but the tooth is apparently on a stick in her mouth. Now if I call her back I will be able to do nothing but just stare at her teeth in anticipation of it happening again.

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Keithan said...

Please! take a camera w/you next time!!!