Friday, January 9, 2009

Now I have to figure out the next 6 steps

I learned am still learning a very valuable lesson about the significance of each person. It started with a project referral from a guy who I don't really know all that well. He's what I would consider a business acquaintance. When he called to tell me he had a potential client he was going to send our way, to be honest I was not only excited, but a bit floored. I like to think that we do good work, and it only takes a few minutes to see we are talented, but in reality I think that only someone who knows us pretty well or who is looking for a referral in return would send work our way.

Enter Joshua's erroneous thinking.

After that phone call I quickly realized how I judge/put people in categories: this person probably won't be a good business contact, this person probably will, etc.. When random people send work our way I feel pretty stupid and more than a little ashamed for not having realized how valuable that relationship could be.

Now, before you decide I'm a horrible person and try to phase Tiff and I out (notice I said TRY - it's not that easy to get rid of us), let me say I've never had these thoughts in personal relationships/friendships. But that raises the question: "what's the difference?" Relationships are relationships business or personal, shouldn't I treat everyone the same, give every single person the same chance, the possibility of a meaningful place in my life?

In Blink (which is an amazing book) it talks about our subconscious snap judgements. After reading that book about a year ago I'm slowly becoming more aware of mine. The great thing is now that I'm aware I can fight it. I believe they call that Step One.

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