Thursday, January 1, 2009

We celebrate Thanksgiving on January 1

While everyone else is making resolutions for 2009 I would rather us look back and be thankful for an amazing 2008. Even though last year was shaky at times, overall we are so blessed. And no matter what this next year holds you can find us here again on January 1 with our list of thankfulness.


  • We work at jobs we love
  • Our commute is twelve stairs
  • We can kiss our co-worker
  • We got to see our TX family multiple times instead of the standard once a year
  • We are a part of Fellowship Bible Church
  • We were able to live out a dream we have been working towards for 5 years
  • We get to live in a house with a laundry chute
  • Through couchsurfing and travel we met people from 13 different countries
  • We have food and clean water everyday
  • Video iChat makes the world smaller
  • Joshua's pupil is no longer doing addition using his fingers
  • We have some amazing friends who know and still love us

Although our future is uncertain I look forward to what our abnormal 2009 looks like. Thank you internet for being a part of our journey this year. I have a feeling that next year will hold twists and turns for our family so I hope you stick around for the ride. We can't promise interesting but we can promise strange.

Happy New Year from Tiffany, Joshua and Austin.

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sam said...

yay for video ichat! you hear they're putting that technology on cell phones? can't wait!