Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little House in the Big Woods

One of my best memories from childhood is sitting beside my mom on the loveseat in her bedroom while she read the Little House on the Prairie series to me. I'm pretty sure it happened every night and if you hear my mom's side of the story she'll say I demanded we read. I don't know about you internet, but I think it is a little hard to believe that I would demand anything.

Semicolon-End Parenthesis.

Anyway, the girl I tutor on Tuesdays (we'll call her Anna) was telling me how she isn't doing that great at reading. We decided I would come on another day of the week to read because we didn't have time to do school work and read on Tuesday. Now every Wednesday and possibly Monday afternoon we will be following Laura Ingalls and her changing habitats.

Today was the first reading day and she loved the book but she was very appalled that Pa would tell Laura to "fetch" something. And I quote, "He could say please go get it. It isn't like she's a dog." I love that she will ask questions and that only 13 pages in she has learned about fetch, venison and how to smoke meat for the winter.

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sam said...

i LOVED reading those books as a girl. i got them for christmas in 5th grade and read the whole set over the break. i was obsessed! yay for reading!