Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dreaming of Travel

We had another set of couchsurfers over the holiday. They messaged us saying they were stranded because their couch fell through. Even though Joshua's dad was in town and four of my family were coming the next day we said come on because we know how it feels to be stranded. Although they had to sleep in the basement it was still great to meet a pair of Kiwis.

10 points to whomever can name the country who call themselves kiwis?

It is also a great reminder that people fly from all over the world to drive for hours to get anywhere in our country. Because of all my travel for work over the last 3 years we have kept our domestic traveling to a minimum but this year we are changing that.

In honor of lower gas prices and less travel for Tiffany we are going to take Joshua to see the US because there are just too many places he has never been. I think he wishes he wasn't going to have to see it in a Scion xA but what can you do!


michaelkelleyministries said...

New Zealand, dawg.

michaelkelleyministries said...

Are points redeemable for Shrute Bucks?

joshntiff said...

There is a 10 to 1 conversion rate for points to Shrute bucks but we will be happy to do it.