Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Booty

We have a friend who did a giveaway on his blog. He said he would send a Dr. Pepper to the winner and I totally thought he was kidding. I REALLY thought he was kidding when he said that because he liked HIS answer the best he was going to send everyone who commented a DP just so we didn't think he was taking the easy way out.

But low and behold this showed up in our mailbox:

Modeled by the much too hairy Austin and after seeing this photo I am calling to make her a grooming appointment immediately. I'm really surprised she isn't bumping into more things with all that hair over her eyes.

Thanks to Nathan for the beverage and Chuck for the photo idea.

1 comment:

Nathan said...

I am glad your Dr Pepper arrived intact. My 76107 postal worker was not very confident that it wouldn't get crushed. She was adamant that I enclose them in Zip Locs. And mailing Dr Peppers to six of my friends turned out not to be the most fiscally responsible decision of 2008. The total packaging and postage costs were many times the cost of the beverages themselves. Oh, well.