Sunday, November 23, 2008

Full House

I want nothing more than to be able to produce a couple of Full House references right here but for some reason I can't do it.  I can hardly even come up with the name Uncle Joey, D.J. and Stephanie.  The rest of the show has apparently slipped my mind. If you are looking for Full House update you can go here. Otherwise, back to our life.

Last night we had a full house and so much fun.  We have only one picture from the night because you can't really hold a camera when you are doubled over laughing ALL NIGHT.

We had some friends come over for soup, pie and games in celebration of Joshua.  Joshua picked a game we played all the time in college and have rarely pulled out since moving to Nashville, Loaded Questions. This is one of those games that doesn't sound that fun in a description but once you play it, it becomes a quick favorite.

We were lucky to have smart alecks and sarcastics representing over half the room so there was probably more trashtalking and mocking than actual playing of the game. We learned who hated Harry Potter (Joshua almost asked them to leave), who isn't shy about talking about animals, and that Kacy and Joshua will, if given the opportunity, adopt a baby together and move to the city.

We are thankful for friends whom we are comfortable with, who we can mock mercilessly and who warm up our house (literally 3 degrees). Hope all of your weekends were as fun as our Saturday.

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sam said...

jealous. now get on up here so we can play some friends trivia!