Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Making Holiday Plans

So next week is Thanksgiving and Joshua and I are making our firm holiday plans. These plans don't involve any blood relatives or turkey. I know, crazy isn't it?

Two years ago we decided to claim Thanksgiving as our family holiday and we haven't looked back since. Most of our friends still make the trek home for this holiday but we try to celebrate with those who don't. Last year it was a little depressing because we were homeless and living in Heather's condo so we spent the morning with friends and then ate Baja Fresh on her couch while watching Gilmore Girls.

This year we have a kitchen and dishes and so our holiday plans will be a bit more exciting. We will still be attending our friend's Thanksgiving Miracle Breakfast and then we are going to do a baking afternoon/evening with any friends who are left in Nashville. But here is where you come in...what should we make? Joshua is crazy about cookies... got any good cookie recipes? or pies? I don't know, but I need help because I don't have many any baking recipes.

Also, if you are in Nashville and want to hang with us on Thanksgiving we would love to have you.


sam said...

i have both an amazing pie recipe and cookie recipe. you pick and i'll email it.

Stephanie said...

Are you baking sweet only, or bread too?

I made this a few weeks back, and it was very good. I made the pie dough from scratch, but you don't have to.

joshntiff said...

Send me both please...If we have someone else do it with us we can make lots of things.

Michael and Jana said...

I have an oatmeal snickerdoodle recipe that Michael loves. Come over and we can make them together. It makes a ton! Monday works for me. Maybe this could be our chance to actually connect.

Stephanie said...

This is my favorite bread recipe for loaf bread (we use whole wheat instead of white, or a combo):

These apple dumpligs are VERY good (but not healthy in the least bit!) I think all her recipes are you may want to look around on her site:

Oh, and one last one...these are my favorite brownies (have to make it with the frosting):