Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We're Being Attacked

This is our first fall in the Salem house. Last year at this time we had torn back the interior to the studs and were slowly building back so we didn't have the pleasure of sitting in our fancy new kitchen watching the wildlife around us. Although I wouldn't call last November peaceful I think Joshua might trade for it.

This year the few squirrels we have seen have apparently sent word to their squirrel buddies about all the great dirt at our house. Now we have hundreds of holes in our landscaping where they have dug holes to bury the pecans they are stealing. Yesterday they actually unearthed one of Joshua's plant babies and you know you don't mess with Joshua's plant babies.

Nowhe just walks around the yard grunting, pointing and becoming a little obsessive. The squirrels don't know any better but Joshua worked so hard on all the landscaping over the last month that I can't blame him for his new hatred of these creatures. I don't think they will displace "THE MOLE" as his archenemy but they will be a close second if they don't cut it out.


Anonymous said...

Well ,Josh, you could do what Keith's dad did at the house in portland and shoot them with a pelet gun. Then if they mock you get out a shot gun. For more info just call me, Tawna

Anonymous said...

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love, BriLane