Thursday, November 13, 2008

Now That is Just Great!

Today Joshua and I were just talking about the fact that we haven't worked out in a while ... like 2 months. We haven't been back to the Y since it was too cold to swim in the outdoor pool so we decided it was about time to set up our winter workout schedule. We figured out what we wanted to do and decided today was a great day to start.

Joshua swam in the indoor pool until the swim team practice kicked him out. Me? I walked the treadmills and watched Grumpy Old Men. I even ran .25 of the 2 miles I walked and had glorious plans to raise that to .5 miles in the next few trips.

Then we come home immediately to a letter from the Y that says Lifeway just informed them I am no longer an employee so I don't qualify for the corporate discount rate I was receiving and our membership fee will be going up next month.

Why does this happen the day we make our workout plans? The letter yesterday would have been less devastating since we can't afford the full Y membership rate and we will have to cancel.

Yes, I'm perfectly aware I should be thankful for all the additional discounted months I received (since I have been gone from Lifeway for a while) but that is not my feeling at all. NOT AT ALL!

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