Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Version of Counting Sheep

We had a red eye flight from Lima to Miami on Saturday. At about 3am when I was still not asleep, but the sleeping pill I had taken made me unable to focus on the in flight movie, I decided to do a little math. See, when I can't sleep I have a process of things I do to remedy my awake state. I know I can't sleep on a plane but I thought, "what the heck lets pretend like there is a fighting chance I'll sleep".

In real life I start off counting to 100 in Spanish to make sure that I'm not focusing on something else and that the "something else" is what's keeping me awake. Counting in another language makes me focus just enough on the numbers that it takes my mind off whatever I was obsessing about.

Made it to 100! That didn't help.

I move on to step 2: Math. Normally I do a division problem because multiplication in your head is just easier and I need something to totally consume my brain. You know what I decided to do? Lets see what percentage of this year I spent out of the country.

I rounded 51 days down to 50 (gimmee a break, I AM on half a sleeping pill) and figured out that I was out of the country 13.69% of the year. That is crazy, I spent almost 15% of the year away experiencing new things, meeting amazing people and seeing things I had never seen before.

When I woke up, I credited the the thirty minutes of sleep I achieved to the amazing feeling of blessedness for an amazing year over the actual procedure of doing math, but whatever, it all worked together.

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