Tuesday, February 17, 2009

9 years into an Era

The last year of my 20's starts tomorrow. Its been a pretty big decade.

Since I was 20 I ...

graduated with a "worthless" film degree. got married. became a professional. got an amazing opportunity to make videos I believed in. returned to the entrepreneurial roots I began at 15. discovered a love for house renovation. re-discovered my love of teaching.

had my heart broken a couple of times. have friends i've loved for the entire decade. fell in love with New York City.

began an almost daily log of life. embraced being weird (something I'm certain my children will hate). lost a grandfather. took up his art of stained glass. been through a small bout with cancer with my mom. been through my own benign mass (and all the drama that goes with that).

died my hair pink. dropped my "adult" life for 6 weeks and backpacked through Europe. found the most amazing church. discovered you can be good with numbers and creative at the same time. ran end zone to end zone on the field of Darrell K Royal Stadium (I AM small enough to squeeze under that fence).

became an aunt. learned to knit. learned to sew. read the whole Harry Potter series. worked on a feature film. discovered Joshua and I can stand each other 24 hours a day and actually prefer life that way.

Even if nothing at all happens this year I will still say my 20's were amazing. I'm glad Joshua and I got to spend them together before having kids. Here's to a strong finish and looking forward to what the next decades hold.


Anonymous said...

You forgot...learned to knit, played in every piano recital in Texas (well, almost), sold books online, became an aunt, became a dog owner, shall I go on???

sam said...

happy birthday tiff! post-bday celebrations will commence when you get here.... and will involve at least one of us shouting "why GOD why??...why are you doing this to us??"