Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Canvas Curtain

When I bought this canvas the people selling it asked what I was making. Apparently they had never sold 3 yards of this stuff to one person. When I said I was making a shower curtain they couldn't believe it. Normal people apparently only use canvas to make bags so the people at the store thought I was crazy. They all raised their eyebrows and said, "Oh!"

Three needles later here it is.

The trickiest part of sewing it was the fact that the red parts are rubber and they DID NOT want to go through the machine. Other than that, once I got the right size needle it was a breeze.

Overall, the pattern is a little busy considering that the toilet is all of 2 feet from the curtain but I think it really adds something to the all white room. Too busy or not I would label it a success if for no other reason than I can say - "take that fabric store ladies!"

1 comment:

sam said...

well the good news is that when you get sick of it you can make a bunch of tote bags, of which i will want one because that print is mod-tastic!