Saturday, February 14, 2009

But I Looked Good Doing It

While we began to prepare for our New York City trip I was faced with the reality that my shoe selection had degenerated into things mostly of the canvas variety. I have a few dress shoes but those sure aren't going to help me in the possibly freezing weather of the city. Armed with the Christmas money from my grandmother I decided to rectify that situation.

These are my new boots.

I have tested out the warmth and they get an A+ rating on that. I also wore them to my shoot last night to test their longevity and I'm going to have to go with a solid B rating there. They were fine at the beginning but I'd say about 6 hours in I was beginning to dread having to walk somewhere to move a cable or give notes to an actor. My logical brain said to pack something of the canvas variety for the early morning hours but I chose to live like a girl and not pack a "sensible" option.

My feet are still a little sore almost 12 hours after I have taken them off but I don't really know many shoes with a heel that can stand up to a 10 hour production day. I am looking forward to my Rocket Dogs for tomorrow's shoot but the purchase does makes me feel a little more "grown up" and with the boots over my skinny jeans I can totally pass as a fashionable person.