Monday, February 9, 2009

Thank You 70 degrees

I went and got the mail...barefooted.

We laid in the grass reading.

We rode the scooter on an errand.

We opened our windows all afternoon.

Joshua took Austin (the dog) while he played frisbee golf.

I made over 1,000 flash cards with 2 high school girls.

Yeah, I know that last one has nothing to do with the weather but our house turned into a flash card factory on Sunday afternoon so I though it worth mentioning.

Also worth mentioning...we have about 9,000 more flash cards to go. Lucky for me these girls are dying for community service hours so they will be doing probably eight of the next nine thousand. So I end with:

Thank You National Honor Society Community Service Requirements.

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WashWords said...

i love this. and love the weather, too. not quite 70 here, but it's amazing how fast the spirits lift. found you on blogher. I'll be back for sure. p.s. adorable woofie!