Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Homework! Oh Homework!

Last night was the first roll out of the new tutoring plan I have been working on for YES. I was super nervous because the folders weren't finished and I only had flash cards adding up to 10. But I would have to say it went very well considering. The kids threw fits just where I expected them but they also immediately forgot that they were supposed to hate what they were doing once they got started.

Without the folders we really only had the poem they were supposed to memorize so that is what we did. I had kids telling me up and down why they couldn't do this, why they didn't want to, and how they were never going to come back. I told them no one was making them but that they should probably read it through before they gave up on the pizza party the first week out. By the end of the night kids were running up to me telling me the part they had learned and asking if they could take the poem home with them to work on it.

One week in: Kids are loving it even though I was totally unprepared.

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