Monday, December 15, 2008

Cozi Here I Come

On my work trips you end up spending 12-15 hours with the people you work with. Conversation consists of all kinds of things-some internet appropriate and some not. There was one really interesting thing that came up at dinner on Thursday night that I think everyone should know about. Mike Breece (Nashville's best jib operator) mentioned this website his family uses called Cozi.

Its a website that is like a family organizer. I'm excited about the calendar that everyone can access but I know you have that on google, or yahoo. Here is the part that is going to blow your mind. You ready?

There is a place for a grocery list. I know that doesn't sound very special-but people, you can call a number and have your list read to you. Or you can text a number and have it sent to you. So if are out and have some time to stop by the store you can do it with your list just by texting a number. Now that feature won't work for me unless I have the coupons in the car but you can get your appointments sent to you as well over text.

I think this has to be the most interesting and great idea for a busy family so that everything is not just in one place but it is accessible from anywhere. The Breece's have a central computer in their kitchen where they keep it up and runnning so that it is easy to use.

Hands down, best idea last week. Thanks Mike!

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