Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just to Clarify

At the party we had a few weeks ago we played a game where everyone in the room answers questions about themselves and then people have to guess who said what. The question that is sparking this post is "What would make your home complete?" Seems like a simple question right?

My Answer: A queen size bed for guests

Joshua's Answer: A baby

Everyone thought it was hysterical that two of the boys in the room wrote down baby. I didn't see the humor since one was my husband and as far as I knew unless being bored is a good reason to have a baby we were NOT trying to have a baby.

When all the guests left I asked Joshua why in the world he wrote down baby and this was his response: "Coffee table would have been too obvious."


michaelkelleyministries said...

This is your greatest post ever.

Keithan said...

Haaaa hahaha!

Joshua, such a game playa...

sam said...

not surprised AT ALL!

p.s. nice work on the banner