Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why I Hate December

On Sunday Survivor:Gabon ended. My love of Survivor is only rivaled by my love for Friends but back when they were in direct competition Survivor always won. My college roommate and I would watch Survivor every Thursday night and record Friends to watch later. There was only one rule from 7pm to 8pm and that was NO TALKING - except on commercial breaks. We finally stopped inviting people to watch it with us because no one seemed to really understand that we were NOT kidding about the no talking thing.

While we were in the throws of remodeling our first home in Nashville we worked every night on the house except Thursday night. We combined our one night of TV and our one night of hanging out with the friends and called it Survivor Night (the rule still applied). Then while I was taking classes at MTSU on Thursday nights we would record the show and have Survivor Night on Friday night (now talking was allowed because of our ability to rewind).

I think I have missed 2 episodes in the 18 seasons it has been on the air. There have been bad seasons and there have been good, but no matter what at the end of every season I am so ready to apply for the show. I know I would never win and I have an awful feeling I would be cast as a villian but I would just love to try it.

More than I want a million dollars, I want the experience of 39 days of competition. I really want to know how I would do. Could I keep my mouth shut long enough to make it past the first vote? Would I be able to sustain for 39 days with little sleep? How long before I get hurt in a challenge? Please, we all know I'll get hurt.

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