Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter Keeps Coming

So we were greeted with snow as we returned to Nashville. Actually to be more accurate the snow attacked us around the Murfreesboro exit on Interstate 24. I think 3 people in our van would have laid good money on us never making it home. However, we did make it home completely safe and here in Nashville the snow was much more pleasant.

It was a beautiful dusting that I'm sure made every school child happy. Well, except the smart ones who realize they are missing their last day of review before finals. Joshua even had to cancel his early morning meeting because our road was just one big sheet of ice.

I don't think it has snowed this early since we have lived in Nashville. I hear we are in for a "real" winter and because we have a garage and work at home I say, "Come On!"

I love going to sleep with the moon reflecting so brightly on the snow that it lights the windows in the house a bit. I love watching Austin try to manuever the yard looking for a place to pee where she doesn't get the blasted white stuff on her. And most of all I love how our Christmas tree is so sparkly in front of a window that shows nothing but snow.

Happy Snow Day!

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