Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Collaborative Design

In the past week I started design work on a new house in Austin, TX. Nothing solid yet, just rough sketches at this point. Our friend Kathy's son, Austin (lots of Austins in our life), was sick from school yesterday and she needed to go into work for a while. So to help her out, I made happy little sketches at their place rather than ours. Technically I was also there in the event he started to die.

Little did I know that Austin was going to provide valuable design suggestions. He mentioned his main area of expertise is drawing and locating the pool. However, because this house was not going to have a pool he offered his ideas on another matter: the kids rooms (using his room as reference of course.)

Austin: "You know what you should make? Places to keep stuff."
Me: "Like what?"
Austin: "Uh, Books. Costumes. And collections. Kids collect stuff. I have a rock collection. You should make little places for rocks."

Makes good sense to me.


sam said...

hey... i have a rock collection and it's sitting in ziploc baggies by sub-group b/c i don't have a "place" for them. so can i have some rock storage too?

joshntiff said...

of course, of course.

Now.. would you like that be located on your bed or inside your oven?