Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My New Theory

As I was lying in bed this morning refusing to allow the alarm clock to do its job I decided something. People who work 8 hour days deserve 8 hours of sleep, people who work 10 hour days deserve to sleep a full 10 hours. Makes sense right?

No matter how fun a shoot was and no matter how well it went I am still just beat at the end of it. Yesterday was one of the 10 hour on your feet shoot days that reminds me why I love this work. We worked with a great band, the crew was great and considering the budget the end product will be amazing as well.

Lets see if anyone can name the band based on a couple of my stills from the afternoon.

Steven on Set

video shoot


Keithan said...

Love & Theft - Carolwood records

joshntiff said...

I had my bet on you the whole time Keithan

Keithan said...

Hahah - yeah I didn't see this post for a couple days... when I saw the pic I said "hey that's Love & Theft" then I saw the question at the bottom...