Monday, April 27, 2009

Stamp of Approval

Our home has officially been toured and no one fell down our stairs. There were over 200 people through our house on Saturday and the variety of things that people commented on was amazing.

"Oh come look at this thread display. I love that!"
"I can't believe you lucked out with white tile in the bathroom." "No ma'am that's been resurfaced"
"These colors are fabulous"
"Mom, this front door is great."
"Where did you get that fridge?" (keep in mind this is just a regular GE fridge)
"I can't believe how much I like the fireplace painted like this"

Honestly, it was more tiring than we expected and it took a lot of work to get everything ready. However, turns out that three hours of compliments really makes everything worth it.


ty said...

Do yall have the house on the market? Did you get any interest if you did.

John, Janna, and Alana said...

That is so cool to get to hear all of the comments. The "F" that is on your bookshelf by the threads. Is that a wooden F that you decoupaged? Or is that fabric? I really like it. My sis in law has a big M that she has hanging on her wall and i was looking for something, but not sure what. It's really cute and I like the print on it.