Monday, April 20, 2009


Friday I bought a purse. For most girls women that isn't such a big deal. For me, pretty life altering. I can't remember when my purse wasn't a 3" x 4" metal wallet that fit in my back pocket. I decided that as I am quickly approaching an age that can only be described as "adulthood" I need to start taking my femininity seriously. Or maybe its just because I keep losing my keys.

I looked for a purse in New York. I looked for one in Texas. I even drug myself to the mall twice. Then while we were in Target looking for a belt, Joshua appeared from around the corner holding MY purse. It was leather, yellow and not shiny at all. I loved it.

This is where there should be a picture of said purse right?

Yeah, we returned it this morning. The leather turned black in a couple of places the first time I carried it.

Now I'm having to mourn the perfect purse. Also had a friend that stepped on a baby bunny and killed it. Tough Weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Made me laugh! I know I have a sick sense of humor, but Oh Well.