Monday, April 6, 2009

If only I had a Bonnet

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day. Temperature hit 70. Glorious.

Today it is 37. Falling below freezing. 40% chance of flurries/snow.

We knew this was coming. The forecast was taunting us with it for the last five days. So yesterday Joshua and I went hunting for wood to burn. We are all out of dry logs so we decided to go walking through our semi-suburban neighborhood looking for wood.

Lucky for us the city comes by at four random times during the year picking up brush in front of everyone's home which means 361 days a year there are branches and tree debri piled in front of everyone's home. Usually it's an eyesore but yesterday it was a gold mine.

We came back with an armful of wood for tonight's fire. I'm sure it is because I'm reading Little House in the Big Woods with the girl I'm tutoring, but I felt so like a wife in the old west preparing for a coming storm. I know there wouldn't be internet and we'd have to read the clouds or something, but don't ruin it for me.

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