Friday, April 3, 2009

On my List

For all the Friends lovers: Have you seen my list? It's a piece of paper with Ross' name on it!

I was raised by a woman who has a list. I don't remember the things that led up to businesses being on the list but I do remember the final straw for a few of the companies.

Burlington Coat Factory is on her list. The final straw: they started a policy to not accept returns and there is no exception even for defective items.

Wendy's is on her list. Final Straw: The millionth time my mom asked for lots of extra ketchup and they refused to hand over more than 2 packets. I remember when I made a conscious decision to eat at Wendy's with my friends and thought about throwing away the evidence just so my mom wouldn't know I had broken her boycott. FYI: Ends up it was just the policy of the Wendy's in our home town because at college they gave me all the ketchup I wanted so I ate there everyday (sometimes twice).

She doesn't take lightly to putting a company on the list and they don't get there just because of a rude employee. There has to be a constant, blatant disregard for customers or ridiculous corporate policy.

Today I started MY list. Right now, its a piece of paper with one name on it: CitiMortgage.

I will continue to use their credit cards but I am all done with the Mortgage branch of their business. I will tell every company I ever buy a mortgage from that they are NOT allowed to sell my mortgage to that company (I don't know if that will hold any weight but I will do it). And if there is ever a time that they sell my mortgage to Citi anyway, I will refinance or do what it takes to get out from under them ASAP.

We have done nothing but pay them on time so I would assume they value me as a customer. However, they are impossible to deal with and they don't train their international employees to a high enough level that they can deal with our issues or questions quickly and accurately.

I know no one wants a rant on a Friday but thats part of what the list is all about - not wanting anyone else to have to deal with the mess I've been stuck in. The other part: Tiffany taking on Fortune 500 companies.


sam said...

While I am sorry you had such a bad experience, I am glad you were able to use Phoebe's dream anger at Ross in there somehow! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not sure if I'm proud or sad that "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". Just for the record...Burlington has gotten no more of my money (10 years) & Wendy's very little (probably $20 in 10 years). Lists are hard to get off of & after you make the list, friends hear about why they are on the list more than they wish.