Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Family Recipe

I am incredibly blessed to be friends with amazingly talented people. I mean check this stuff out. And this guy. The list could go on. I'm gonna go ahead and give myself 50% credit for picking awesome friends but I'd have to say the other 50% is just dumb luck that they keep me around.

This week our new painting was dropped off and I just can't say enough about the artist. I love her newest round of work and think you should all go out and buy something right now.

Painting-Megan Miller

No seriously, why are you still reading this? If you say the recession, I'm gonna scream!

She also came over last night to help me decorate our bookshelves for the tour of homes. This was by far the coolest idea of the night.


I can take no credit except providing the thread. She says it was the Dr. Pepper flavored margarita, but I think it was just her awesomeness.


Oh, and if you want the recipe for a Dr. Pepper flavored margarita:

1. Remove chilled Dr. Pepper from fridge
2. Pour said Dr. Pepper into a margarita glass.



Memry said...

saweet! I love the threads. :)

Nora said...

Looks great!