Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back in Kindergarten

Tiffany was off at a shoot yesterday so my day consisted of playing in the dirt, drinking a gallon of water, some more digging and finally coloring a picture.


Now if you're thinking to yourself "that looks like a new home design in the Colonial Georgian style meant to re-create a historic plantation house that has been added on to over the past century and a half", then you are exactly right and you should be a critic, or maybe a professor.

Or if you thought "you went outside the lines in some places", you are correct there as well. What they don't teach you in kindergarten is it's good to get outside the lines sometimes, it's called artistic license.


All the digging is an effort to create a new path in the back and some new plantings. I'll show-and-tell when I'm through. See you guys at nap time!

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