Saturday, September 6, 2008

Paper Clips and Such

Joshua and I have had movies coming out of our ears the last few weeks. Between Netflix and a free month of a Blockbuster online subscription we would stay plenty busy but now the Blockbuster by our house is handing out one free movie a day (seriously, check it out). There have been good and there have been bad but there have been a lot of documentaries which I LOVE!

Right now we have 2 documentaries waiting for us to watch, "Born into Brothels" and "Wetback" but most recently we watched "Paper Clips" and "51 Birch Street."

Paper Clips should have been a touching story about children learning about the Holocaust. However, there was no conflict or story arch even though they kept acting like something was going to happen. So it ended up being something that was more interesting in the 2 sentence synopsis rather than the 1.5 hour movie.

51 Birch Street was quite the opposite. It was a very intriguing 2 hours that didn't sound as good on the back of the box. It was about a son's discovery of who his parents really were and what their relationship was really like. It was great because the movie didn't push the final outcome but let you discover with the filmmaker what he experienced. If you get a chance to get it, check it out. It makes you think about your own parents and how you would deal with some of the experiences he had in the making of the film.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend.


Stephanie said...

51 Birchman Street sounds interesting. I should see if our library has it. We've seen Paper Clips. I thought it would be better too. Have you seen this documentary?: We really enjoyed it.

joshntiff said...

oooohhh, I totally forgot about this movie. I knew about it and meant to watch it, but I had forgotten, thanks for reminding. The hidden life of Louis Kahn, it's so on our list.