Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Windows Open

There is nothing like cool weather to remind us that we live in front of an after school care facility. Our back neighbors run a before and after school care business out of their home. During the weather that warrants the windows closed we are only reminded by the passing child walking home through our yard.

I know most people would be bothered with children and parents trouncing through their yard at random times but not me. It just reminds me of my childhood when we would sit down to dinner with the family and wave to a Peska child who was walking shoeless through our backyard to get to a friends house. I mention the shoeless because my mother always thought it was so strange that they rarely wore shoes. Sometimes they would come over to play in socks, without shoes. They could afford shoes and had plenty but they weren't made to wear them out of their house.

Anyway, now that the windows are open we only have five hours of quiet in our house because the sound of children playing is constant (morning and evening). I am upstairs right now and Joshua has his music turned up so loud I can hear it clearly on the other side of the house. My guess is he is trying to cover up the "children at play" noises coming in the windows. At one point this afternoon he looked up at me and said "What is that? Is something wrong?"

No Joshua that is just the sound of a girl getting chased by a boy. If she was smart she wouldn't run - she would fill her purse with rocks and use it as a weapon. That worked for me every time.

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