Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Bit Off Schedule

According to the schedule I set for myself today should be images of one of Joshua's houses. However, my production work has gotten in the way of our photo editing so we'll be getting that out a little late for you. We have one of the edits started but at this point the red would reach out of your screen and sort of slap you in the face and I want to save you that exchange.

I'm hot and heavy working on the premieres of this film. Today I'm learning about the cost of first class tickets from all different areas and let me just say this. Having recently flown first class on a domestic flight - it IS NOT worth the difference in the price of the ticket. You could feed a small village with the difference, and I'm not talking one good meal - I mean for a month.

So I'm going on record now. When I'm big time and my people demand that I fly first class, I will gladly take a coach ticket and say "please feed a small village with the difference in the cost. thank you very much."

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