Saturday, August 30, 2008

Not Since the 99 cent Kids Meal

A couple of months ago Joshua and I stumbled into family night at the Chick-fil-A where they sell chicken nugget kid meals for $ .99 and now LOVE Tuesday nights at Chick fil A. Well, technically we've never been back but it's nice to know that if we wanted a 99 cent kid meal is it waiting for us there.

Anyway, I found out yesterday that Chick fil A is having an even bigger celebration on Monday in honor of not only Labor Day but also football season. Here are the details but they are basically handing out 3 piece chicken strip meals if you wear any football teams logo or paraphernalia.

Joshua and I have our Longhorn gear all picked out and can't wait to drive thru and each get our free chicken strips. If there is a Chick fil A near you make it a part of your Labor Day celebration and think of us as you are enjoying your FREE chicken.

Happy Labor Day!

P.S. Once I looked at the entry posted I notice we match our blog perfectly in our shirts - that is funny!

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