Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Return to Peru

Last week I officially signed up for my return trip to Peru. The first time I went it was my freshmen year in college with the Hyde Park college ministry FOCUS. Now, my church has a partnership with a church just north of Lima and so at the end of October I will be heading back to the Lima airport to see if it still smells of fish. Well, that and putting on a worship conference for the leaders of churches around Comas.

Its really amazing how perfectly I fit into a need they had. Last year our church gave the Comas church a video camera (nicer than you buy at Best Buy) and so this year I'm going to be training a guy on how to create stories that can be used for church services. He knows how to use the camera but I'm going to teach him a better editing software and some professional camera techniques as well as some techiniques for storytelling. I'm hoping to fit about 2 years of my training into a week course for him. I couldn't be more excited.

This is the first time our church is doing something like this with just the leaders so it is an awesome opportunity to equip not only the Comas church, but also the other churches that will be coming. If you guys could be praying for the trip and my preparation that would be great.


Sufficient Grace said...

I hope that you have a mass/mob like we did back in 2000 for Lima airport security! :) I still have a pic of you with your backpack on your front! Enjoy your trip!

sam said...

yay! make sure to drink some inca cola! :)