Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Clipping Craziness

We are on week two of a slow down of work. Why? Well apparently when you are gone for six weeks you don't have a full slate of clients waiting to start projects on your return. We do have some projects but not enough to fill the lull whenever the ball is in the homeowner's court. We have presented a few designs and now we are waiting to hear back and I have a huge project that could hit at any moment but looks like I'll have at least another week of sanity. So, in that lull we are getting creative with our time.

We are learning photoshop, exercising regularly, doing finishing touches on the house, and now educating ourselves on coin collections (the booty couldn't have come at a better time).

One other thing we are reviving is our love of coupons and working the system. You know, sticking it to the man. When I was working at Lifeway and just crazy stressed out with no time I let our coupons just sit and expire if I even cut them out of the paper. No more! We are going crazy getting things for free or for pennies based on a good use of coupons (here is where I find some of my leads). I've been phasing them back in slowly over the last year but in the past few weeks we have gotten serious.

Probably what I am enjoying the most is the box we're accumulating in our store room of stuff we got for free that we don't need. I plan to give it away or sell it in the garage sale. I gave some friends a bag of cat treats yesterday, and I have at least 4 shampoos I'll sell for a buck each in the garage sale next weekend.

I know most people reading this think I'm crazy but I really think it can be more fun when things are tight and you have to be creative with life.

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