Monday, August 11, 2008

My New Find

I love to read so I am constantly going through books. For four years I sold books on Amazon for spare money. Not only did it generate a little income it also kept a constant flow of books into our house and a good outlet to get rid of them as well. I still have about 60 books listed in my shop - musicitybooks- however, I've stopped actively searching for books to sell so the constant flow of reading material has waned a bit. I also, have a ton of read books I don't want to keep that I end up selling in the garage sale for $ .50.

No more!

As of last week I found a great new resource to keep my books flowing in and out of my house for very little cost (just the cost of shipping which is around 2 dollars). You sign up and list 10 books to get one credit for a book. Then every time you ship one of your books to someone, you get another credit for a book. The best part is the catalog of books that people have listed is great. You won't find everything but I think it will take a while for you to exhaust your possibilites.

I only signed up on Saturday so I haven't even listed my 10 books yet but I really like the idea. One of the things on "to do" for Tuesday is to list all my already read books to that site. If you like to read or are in a book club this is something you should at least check out.

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