Monday, August 18, 2008

A Thousand Dollar Day

We had the largest garage sale I think Crieve Hall has ever seen clocking in our group total just under $1000. We were five families, nine tables, 2 tarps and more hanging clothes then you can imagine. It went from inside the garage to halfway up our driveway.

But the best part was we sold SO MUCH stuff.

I am always just so shocked how much money we can make when we don't really have anything big to sell. We had a couple of $40 items but we (Joshua and I) made $200 on items under a dollar. UNDER A DOLLAR! And just to be clear I'm not talking 99 cents. I had stuff priced for 15 cents to 75 cents. That is a ton of junk (probably close to 300 items) that we sold. That is crazy to me!

There were no fabulous stories from the day but we had a great time hanging out with new and old friends and when we all saw each other at church that night we could agree on one thing. We had a great day, but man were we tired. Apparently earning $1,000 can really take it out of eight grown adults, either that or it was the getting up at 6am.

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