Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The One House Outside Tennessee

Boerne Home

This house has not given us enough repeat business to return to Texas. Maybe once my parent's realize that if they would get us a few clients we'd be more likely to come back then they'd start shamelessly promoting their incredibly talented son-in-law.

Probably the best feature of the house is the back porch.

MS Back

We were visiting in July and you could still sit out there even around lunchtime. This is a huge accomplishment that you can only understand if you've lost half your body weight from sweating in the Texas heat.

So while the back porch is awesome, this is the thing that every visitor loves.

Detail Bed Closet

Yes, those are bunkbeds in a closet. My mom says people just can't stop talking about this part of the house when they get the tour. Why? Because it isn't normal, its amazing.


Nathan said...

Is that a chain drain at the front porch?

joshntiff said...

they are indeed, not my "design" but i like them

Sophie said...

Would it be possible to purchase the closet bunk plans from you?

maggie said...

I too would like the plans for your bunk beds.

Anonymous said...

Bunk bed plans?

Anonymous said...

I too am interested in the framing structure that you used, I am doing a triple bunk in one of my closets but want to make sure that I make it sufficiently strong enough to hold so no one gets hurt. Could you please tell me the materials you used for just the framing part. Thanks so much in advance.