Friday, August 15, 2008

How Cool Were Your Parents?

So I got this link from another blog I've begun to follow. She is a fabulous photographer but just like me her name only ranks 2 stars. Go here and check out everything you could ever want to know about my name, then search your own.

I totally appreciate the fact that this site is not just informative, it is also judgmental. Joshua also only ranks 2 stars but if his parents had been cool enough to throw on an "h" at the end of his name it would have bumped him up to a respectable three stars.

Do let me know if you rank higher than 2 stars because I'm curious what the super cool names are :)


Anonymous said...

So, Pamela is 3 stars! Guess my parents were better than yours.

Michael and Jana said...

Jana got three stars. It's a good thing I'm not Jan. Good thing for all sorts of reasons.

Nathan said...

Our family averages 2.75 stars. Lucy, Benjamin, and I all get 3 stars, but 2-star-Stephanie is dragging us down. Now we will have a new criteria for baby names in the future - 3 stars or better!