Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How I Know I Married Right

Joshua and I have started doing a very strange thing for fun. I know, everyone is thinking "you do a lot of strange things" but even in the midst of how much fun this is - I still recognize and agree that it is weird. Drumroll....

We go shopping at CVS once a week to see how much we can buy for the littlest amount of money. It has become our date night and we love it because it is kind of like a treasure hunt.

The last few weeks we've been doing it with the assistance of The Grocery Game. But this week the list wasn't spectacular so we did some web searching to see what other people were doing and headed to the store with our calculator and coupons and spent a great hour.

We walked into the store with only coupons, no store credit or anything and here is what we got:

1 Revlon Lash something Mascara
1 Sunsilk Shampoo
1 Sunsilk Styling spray
1 CVS aloe body lotion
4 Twelve packs of Pepsi
1 Twelve pack of Mountain Dew

$9.40 spent - including tax!

I actually discovered a way to make it $8.40 once we were home, but you couldn't buy the Pepsi's for $9.40 so I'm not beating myself up.

Here is where I learned about "CVSing" if you want to check it out and here and here are a couple of coupons that made it possible.

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