Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yet Another Thing to Put on Our Calendar

I was just beginning my day when Joshua brings the phone upstairs and I hear him saying "Let me let you talk to my wife because she handles the credit cards." Apparently we never paid our credit card bill last month and they were giving us a courtesy call before they turned us over to the "mean collectors."

While I was sitting on the phone I was running through the bank website trying to see if I could figure out what happened there - no payment was sent. The phone call lasted long enough that I even made it down to my filing of statements and receipts to see if I accidently filed it away without paying it. Nope! There wasn't a statement. I asked the guy about that and he was confused and looked into the account and said, "oh, they never ordered or shipped a statement out."


After the shock of that statement wore off I moved on to paying the bill. It took him a while to understand that I didn't want to pay the minimum payment but rather the whole bill but we finally communicated well and he took care of it. He waived the late fee and I called customer service to see about getting rid of the interest and figure out why we weren't issued a statement. The short answer is they don't know, but I have a duplicate statement being mailed out. I wanted to ask how it was a duplicate since there was never an original but I refrained.

The moral of this story is we should apparently be noting all our bill due dates and have reminders to insure that we have received statements. This might be common knowledge to you people, but that is news to me.

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Stephanie said...

Now that would annoy me! We had to put together a spreadsheet for the 1st and 15th of the month with the bills that would be due at that point. It definitely has helped us in situations where they "forgot" to mail us a bill. I hope they take the interest off for you...