Monday, August 4, 2008

Like in a Movie

We had quite a few things left in our house when we bought it since it was an auction purchase. One interesting thing she left was a filing cabinet in the storage room.

When we first noticed it we gave her a call to make sure she didn't want it because there was a safe in it. When we pushed it around we heard stuff in there so we thought she might change her mind about leaving it. She assured us she didn't know the combination or what was in there and so she didn't care about it. She said that if we could get in it, we could have whatever we found.

For the last 9 months we never touched the safe that we looked at every time we went to get the extra paper towels and mustard in the storage room. Until Friday night.

We had some friends over and I don't know how the safe came up, but it did. They couldn't believe we hadn't touched it and their curiosity couldn't be abated so we decided it was time to open it up. Josh Joshua and Greg took to destroying it while Memry and I imagined what we might find. To me, best case scenario was jewels. However, I fully expected to find paper documents with social security numbers because honestly, how often do you forget about your safe full of jewels? It didn't take that long to get in it and you won't believe what we found.....


There wasn't wads of it or $100 bills but it was someone's coin and paper bill collection and it wasn't small. The Smiths couldn't believe there was actually money of any kind in it and to be honest we couldn't either. At just face value I'd say the money is worth $300 but there are some really old pieces and some misprints so we are getting a coin book at the library this week to figure out collector's value.

So we found buried treasure this weekend, what did you do?


Sufficient Grace said...

The picture reminds me of the scene in Goonies when they find the treasure and all the coins and jewels are flowing. What a fun discovery!

Stephanie said...

That's cool! You guys always have some fun adventure going on. And I agree...the picture reminds me of the Goonies too.